CBA 2015 Summary of Changes

Article 22 – Awards – the change ensures BU Awards are more in line to Non BU. Now there is a link in the contract where management can give no more that .8% more than what the BU gets. It’s important to get in the contract. The new language includes Time-Off Awards. The prior article for Awards gave management complete discretion this memorializes the current practice.

Article 7 Telework – Now employees can request up to 5 days/week. There is clear request criteria. This does not exclude Satellite workers. The changes here also gets rid of the current Article 8.

Article 15 Family leave- Family leave changed in some way. It sets a standard for 6 months of leave. There are specifics denial rules. This includes same sex marriages.

Article 10 Annual Leave – Mostly gives management deadlines for approving leave requests.

Article 11 Sick Leave – Managers can now accept self-certification for illness more than three days. The prior contract required a doctor’s note.

Article 6 – Hours of work – Increased the number of hours when an employees on NEWFlex can earn credit hours.   It allows employees to work regular and credit hours on Saturdays.

Article 2 – Employee Rights – Mass dignity clause states that both NTEU and NRC are committed to the NRC Values. This allows NTEU to now file grievance when a manager is bullying without having to be related to EEO basis. This also allows the union to file a grievance even if the employee does not request it.

Articles 44 and 45 – Counseling memos are not progressive discipline. Counseling memos is not discipline so they cannot be considered a 1st offense.

Article 20 Reassignment – Employees requesting lateral assignment will be better informed. It requires managers to provide more notification and allow for a briefing if not selected.

Article 49 RIF – NTEU bolstered language in the RIF article to ensure that employees are treated as fairly as possible if a RIF were to occur. In addition to securing a union-management committee tasked with monitoring the RIF, NTEU also won language regarding lengthy procedures memorializing the excepted service retention rules, tie-breakers and the delivery of information to the employee and NTEU. It was made clear that Bump and Retreat was never in the previous contract.