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Agency All Hands meeting

NTEU MONDAY MINUTE for the WEEK of SEPTEMBER 28, 2015: NTEU REMARKS AT THE AGENCY ALL HANDS COMMISSION MEETING This afternoon, the NRC held its 25th Agency All Hands Meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, Sheryl Burrow, Chapter President, provided

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What you Should Know if we Shutdown

NTEU Monday Minute for the Week of September 21, 2015: What You Should Know If We Shutdown These are tough times to be a federal employee. We face a harsh political climate which now includes the possibility of a federal government

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Uncertain Times

NTEU Monday Minute for the Week of July 27, 2015: Uncertain Times Most of us have, by now, read or heard about the EDO Update informing staff that the agency is in “uncertain times.” This is a difficult message to deliver;

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Commission’s EEO Briefing

NTEU Monday Minute for the Week of June 22, 2015: NTEU’s Comments at Today’s Commission EEO Briefing This Monday Minute will provide you with the comments that NTEU provided to the Commission at this morning’s Human Capital and Equal Employment

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Union News


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