NTEU Monday Minute for the Week of November 9, 2015: Project Aim Update

This month, several offices holding All Hands meetings will hear from various NRC leaders about our current fiscal environment and how Project Aim 2020 has been initiated to proactively address our changing federal landscape.

NTEU’s role in partnering management’s decisions in this regard is to ensure that the impact and implementation of the decisions associated with Project Aim are brought to the table and are considered before the agency makes final decisions.

NTEU wants to help you see yourself in this more effective and efficient NRC. We endorse whole heartedly the Project Aim declaration that our employees are our greatest resource! To that end, NTEU established a Project Aim Working Group that has had at least one union member on each of the Project Aim initiatives with the exception of the fee rule in order to bring our bargaining unit employees’ perspectives and concerns to the partnership table.

Currently, several SECY papers are being drafted that address, for example, the Centers of Expertise initiative, the Strategic Workforce Planning initiative, and the Materials Consolidation initiative. A working group, including a Point of Contact and representation from the regional offices is discussing regional IT issues. A Town Meeting was held to discuss the recommendations from the COR Process Standardization Initiative (CPSI) recommendations.  Over the next week, several union members will be reviewing an enormous amount of information on Prioritization and Rebaselining that the agency’s Project Aim Team has amassed.  In each case, NTEU has provided comments and questions. As these activities progress, NTEU will work to ensure that management is fully aware of this input.

In every case, NTEU’s focus is in on our bargaining unit employees. We continue to remind management that there must be a focus on 1) clear rolls and responsibilities, 2) clear processes and procedures, and 3) training to ensure that our employees are able to engage their work effectively and efficiently. While Congress may reduce the agency’s budget, we must be able to accomplish our safety mission. As Chairman Burns commented today at the OCIO All Hands meeting, Congress cannot expect our employees to operate effectively and efficiently without the appropriate office space, proper tools, and training. NTEU couldn’t agree more.

NTEU continues to request your comments and concerns as we approach implementation of Project Aim planning initiatives. If you have comments or concerns, please contact us at nteu@nrc.gov or drop by the union office at O 1G22. We are open for business!

In Case You Missed It:

The Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer is delighted to invite you to the first of the season Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Charity Fair – Thursday, November 12, 2015, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the TWFN Exhibit Area – to learn about ways you can contribute to CFC. You are encouraged to stop by to meet representatives from a few of the many charitable organizations that are listed in the CFC Catalog of Giving (Adobe PDF or online) and to hear inspiring stories of people who have been touched by the CFC.

Just a reminder that on Tuesday, November 17, NAAC is holding its luncheon with Ronald Johnson, Tribal Council President, Prairie Island Native American Community, who will discuss the topic, “Seven Generations: A Native American Leader’s Perspective.” Please remember to pre-order your lunch by COB November 10. You may bring your lunch or pre-order it for $12.75 from the NRC Café through a NAAC member in any of the three buildings at HQ: OWFN: Perry Buckberg, 301-415-1383, O8E3; TWFN: Rocky Foster, 301-415-5787, T6D17; 3WFN: Robert Bunch, 301-492-3932, B1-C1G

Someone Said: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” — Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights activist

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