Buy out Tie Breaker Criteria

NTEU Requests Your Opinion Regarding Early Out/Buy Out “Tiebreaker” Criteria By Friday, August 28th

Some of you may have already attended the August 18th session providing information to employees on the NRC’s plan for early out/buy outs. If not, a webinar is being held today, August 26th, from 1:30 to 2:30 (EST). The webinar will also be recorded and will be made available. See the NRC Announcement published on August 13th.

Management has posed the question to NTEU as to whether, as a tie-breaker for those eligible employees who apply, applications should be considered on a “first come – first serve” basis or by seniority, i.e., by service computation date. NTEU would like to hear from our members. Unfortunately, because time is of the essence, NTEU does not have the capability to send a survey to each of our NTEU members.

For that reason, we request that members who wish to provide their input, send an email to on this one question: Should the agency use “first come – first serve” or seniority, as a tie-breaker, to determine the priority of eligible employees who seek an early out/buy out?

The advantage of using seniority for reduction in staff is that eligible senior staff will have the first opportunity to take advantage of this option from those that apply. Most of these employees would retire under the “buy out” authority from OPM.

The advantage of using “first come, first serve” is that it opens up this process for reduction in staff to all eligible staff regardless of seniority under both the buyout authority and the early out authority from OPM.

The union’s position is that we would like those interested eligible employees who want to opt for a buyout or early out to have the most flexibility to do so in order to reduce staff overages. This will help the agency get to the FTE that Congress may impose on us without resorting to RIFS or furloughs.

Please take the time to respond to the question posed at by Friday, August 28th whether or not you, personally, are interested in pursuing a buyout/early out.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Thank you.

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