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FY2011 Awards Supplement

If you received a performance award associated with your FY2011 performance appraisal, your next pay check will
include a supplement which NTEU negotiated for you. This supplement is 32% of your initial award amount. NTEU
spent a significant amount of time reviewing the data for these supplements to ensure that the money was distributed
fairly. NTEU will continue to fight for the fair distribution of Awards and to ensure that Bargaining Unit (BU)
employees receive an equitable share of the Agency’s award budget.

Mid-term Bargaining

On May 2, 2013 we attended our fifth and final day of mediation for the 5 Articles opened for Mid-Term Bargaining in
late 2011. We were able to come to agreement on 3 articles, which are mostly administrative, Mid-term Bargaining, EEO
and Grievances. We still have not been able to come to agreement for the remaining two articles, Performance Awards
and Performance Appraisals. Both sides will submit our final proposals and briefs to the mediator, who will then make
recommendations to the Federal Services Impasses Panel. This could take several months.

FY2013 Performance Awards

When organizations have a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), either side, Union or Management can periodically
open articles that they want to make changes to. The recommended changes are negotiated. Until the changes are agreed
upon, the current language in the CBA must be followed. Since management and NTEU have not come to an agreement
on the Performance Awards article which Management opened in Mid-term bargaining (see above), the law says that
1.6% of BU salaries will be paid for awards. Management recently informed us that they do not intend to provide 1.6%
of the BU salaries for their award funds for FY2013. NTEU filed a grievance in late April for this contract violation and
are waiting for our first Step meeting to discuss with management. We will keep you informed.

Transit Subsidy

In January 2013, Congress passed and the President signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (Taxpayer Relief
Act). This legislation raised the transit benefit from $125 to $240 per month retroactive to January 1, 2012.
Subsequently, the Internal Revenue Service raised the subsidy to $245 as the law requires the transit subsidy to account
for inflation. NTEU asked management how they would implement the transit subsidy retroactively to January 2012.
Management informed NTEU that they do not intend to pay the transit subsidy retroactively. NTEU has filed a grievance
on behalf of the bargaining unit. Other Agencies in the Metropolitan DC area are already paying employees retroactively
for the increase in transit subsidy. We’ll keep you up to date on our progress.

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