The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) has issued a warning notice concerning third-party mobile applications

TSP has issued a warning notice concerning third-party mobile applications.
From the TSP web site: “There are a number of mobile applications that reference the
Thrift Savings Plan and may prompt you for your TSP account credentials. These
applications are NOT sponsored by the TSP. The TSP cannot endorse any information
or advice provided by third-party applications. More important, providing your TSP
account credentials to third-party applications may jeopardize the security of your

NTEU has found that some agencies have not passed this warning notice on to its
employees, and so we want to make sure that all of our members are aware that this is not
a TSP-sponsored application, nor is it recommended by them. Please take precaution
when providing any kind of account information to a third party.

Colleen M. Kelley
National President

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