NTEU Steward Assignments and Steward Training

Below is a list of the current HQ and Regional Steward Assignments. One of our goals for
this year was to increase the number of stewards participating in the spring steward
training provided by our NTEU National Office. We are pleased to say that we will be
sending 14 stewards to training in Arlington, VA this week as well as a few more to
training at alternate sites. Providing our stewards with high quality training is essential
to better serve our Bargaining Unit (BU) employees.

Chief Steward: Peter Hearn

Sheryl Burrows (Chapter President)
Walter Lange (Executive Vice President)
John Budzynski
Michael Canova
Manny Comar
Mary Drouin
Leroy Hardin
Robert Heard
Elaine Keegan
Carl Konzman
Pamela Longmire
Ellen Martin
Randy Sullivan

Region I
Michael Caccavo
John Cherubini
Dave Everhart

Region II
Jose Diaz
Denise Edwards Necota Staples

Region III
Michael LaFranzo
Ron Langstaff
Patricia Lougheed

Region IV
Tom Andrews
Ray Azua
David Crocket

For our HQ BU members, 12 of our 14 stewards will be away this Tuesday through
Thursday. Our only HQ stewards available March 19-21, 2013 are Mike Canova and
Mary Drouin. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes to our BU employees, but
we know you will understand that a well trained steward force is essential to our serving

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