FY2011 and FY2012 Award Settlement Details

As announced in the NTEU-NRC Management joint statement, an
agreement has been reached on both the FY2011 and FY2012
awards. NTEU is pleased with the settlement after working
diligently for over one year after the FY2011 awards were cut in
half to ensure that performance award amounts for our Bargaining
Unit (BU) members are fair, equitable, and truly recognize you for
the work that you do every day.

NTEU’s work on the FY2011 performance awards culminated in a
two-day arbitration hearing last month. Both NTEU and
Management presented our respective cases to a third-party,
neutral arbitrator. While NTEU believed in our case — that
employees deserve to paid the 1.6% award amount stated in our
collective bargaining agreement (CBA) — there are no guarantees.
And, any arbitration decision received could very well result in
more litigation, and even if we were successful, there would have
been a substantial delay in getting money to our BU.

To ensure that our BU employees received their fair share of the
award budget, NTEU and NRC Management came together once
more for one final attempt to negotiate awards payments. We are
pleased to report that for performance awards in FY2011,
$800,000 will be distributed to employees who already received
awards for that year. As a result, employees will receive a
supplemental award that will be approximately 30% of the amount
you received last year. This amount will be paid within 90 days.

For performance in FY2012, NTEU negotiated 1.3%, which is more
than 80% of the 1.6% specified in the CBA. This amount will be
paid as part of your March 19th paycheck. Although it may seem
like stating the obvious, without NTEU fighting for you, the BU award amount, although it would have been distributed in December 2012,
may have been the same 0.8% distributed in December 2011.

NTEU thanks you for your patience and support. Our effectiveness
depends on the strength of our membership. There is strength in
numbers, and we appreciate your increasing support. In just the
past half year alone, over 100 NRC employees have signed up as
new members — making history at the NRC.

We have a lot of challenges facing us in the near future and hope
to continue to gain your confidence and support as we fight for
your rights and privileges here at the NRC.

Happy Valentine’s Day and may you all have a restful, much
deserved long holiday weekend. Even when you are not at work,
always remember NTEU is here fighting for your rights.

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