Are you ready for you mid-year appraisal discussion?

Have you considered that your annual performance appraisal can be
a powerful marketing tool? It is! It is certainly one of the elements
that are considered by a prospective hiring official when you are
considering changing positions or seeking a promotion.

Usually, your appraisal is considered only a record of what happened
in the previous year. What tasks were accomplished? Were they
completed on time?

What if your appraisal did so much more? What if your appraisal
identified the obstacles that you succeeded in overcoming? What if it
identified the relationships that you established in order to build better
cooperation with team-mates and counterparts in other
organizations? What if the appraisal also described the work that you
did to improve procedures so that your work could be done more
efficiently the next time, or by someone else?

What if you tied your performance appraisal to your Individual
Development Plan (IDP)? Do you have an IDP? This is the plan that
you may or may not have with your managers to ensure your
professional development. What if you sought out challenging
projects – and succeeded beyond all expectations?

How does your appraisal look? Is it so so…nice job… does it have
real impact, or “Wow”!?

The choice is yours… but it will take a little work.

You can write input for the appraisal so that it screams of success! So that it glows with the accomplishments of a 5 star resume.
Met ! Actions Taken! Results Achieved!

The key of all this is to plan, articulate, execute and announce your
achievements throughout the year!

Your appraisal can and should reflect your life energy and the sacred
value of the minutes and hours that you commit to your work, minutes
and hours that are gone forever, minutes and hours that are paid for
by taxpayers who expect a good value for their money.

Talk with your supervisor. Describe your goals. Help to identify
improved ways of doing your work.

Maintain a record of all of your major projects. Each week prepare a
diary of challenges met, actions taken, results achieved (new
relationships established, new efficiencies defined, new levels of
quality attained).

Take a look at the brochure “Lets Talk” hyperlink as well as the
tips for employees included below.

Tips for employees:

• review your elements and standards

• prepare comments or questions for the discussion

• provide input/feedback to your supervisor on your activities and

• be prepared to answer questions from your supervisor, such as:

What can I do to make your job easier?
What can I do to help you succeed/meet the
What skills would you like to further develop?
What can I do to improve my management of
you, to be a better supervisor?
• research and be prepared to discuss recommendations for training or
other activities

• identify areas in which you feel you could benefit from coaching

• review the agency’s performance evaluation matrix

Your NTEU team of stewards and Union Officials are here to help
should you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after
your mid-year performance appraisal meeting.

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